NetResults Tracker SDK
API for Adding Records

API Overview

An Application Program Interface (API) for adding records to a workgroup is available as an add-on feature for NetResults Tracker. This interface can be used as a gateway from an external application to NetResults Tracker. The client interface software, documentation, and sample code necessary to use the API are included in the NetResults Tracker Software Development Kit (SDK).

The API is implemented in two parts: a client interface (COM object) which is used by the external application, and the NetResults Tracker server (standard NetResults Tracker installation with the API feature enabled). The client and server components communicate via the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) protocol which is implemented using XML over a HTTP (or HTTPS) connection. Since the client interface is implemented as a standard COM object, virtually any programming language can be used to write the external application (JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, etc.). Since the standard HTTP/HTTPS protocol is used for communications between the external application (client) and NetResults Tracker (server), you can leverage your existing web security (firewall, SSL encryption, web server authentication, etc.).

The requirements for using the API as well as the steps to enable use of the API are included below. For information about the properties and methods available, please review the Properties and Methods Help section.

Requirements for using Add API

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is used as a means of communication between NetResults Tracker and the external application using the Add API to create new records. As such, the Add API requires several SOAP related components to be installed on the NetResults Tracker server (web server machine on which NetResults Tracker is installed) and the client (the machine with the external application). The required components for server and client are listed below.

NetResults Tracker Server Requirements

Client Requirements

If the external application is located on the same machine where NetResults Tracker is installed, the only additional requirement beyond the NetResults Tracker Server Requirements listed above is the installation of the SDK itself. Otherwise, all requirements listed below must be met.

Enabling the Add API feature

Perform the following steps to enable the Add API feature:

Install Required Components

Enter the API license key into the NetResults Tracker License Manager
You must enter a license key into the License Manager on the NetResults Tracker Server in order to use the Add API feature.

Enable the Add API option in General Preferences
For each workgroup where the Add API will be used:

  1. Login to the workgroup as Admin.
  2. Click on the Admin icon.
  3. Click on the General Preferences button.
  4. Set the "Enable API" option to Yes.
  5. Select a user for the option called "API User". If you select "Set From API" option, then a valid user must be supplied using "IdentityUser" property when using the API from the client. The user selected (or supplied) will determine the settings used when a record is created via the API. These settings include the privileges and field visibility granted to this user based on group membership. If you do not know which API User to select, we recommend selecting Admin (the default).
  6. Click OK to save this change.